Each year more fire departments switched to Darley Pumps than ever before. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Darley's rigorous engineering and testing requirements ensure that all pumps provide years of reliable service. With our pumps backed by the industry's longest warranty, it's no wonder that so many are Demanding Darley.


Why They Switched 


Detroit Switches To Darley Pumps

The Detroit Fire Department has officially reached Darley Demander status, setting the pace for departments making the switch to Darley pumps. The DFD worked with Darley to provide small 1.5AG PTO driven pumps for emergency suppression capabilities on their aerial trucks and rescue squads. 

Boston Fire Department Chooses Darley Pumps

Boston has become the most recent major fleet to wave the Darley Pump banner. After thoroughly reviewing and researching all available manufacturers and products on the market, Boston selected the Darley PSM pump.

Milwaukee Switches to Darley Pumps

Milwaukee is the latest fire department to join the growing number of cities switching to Darley. Departments are finding Darley’s highly efficient vacuum cast impeller, which is broached, and precision balanced for vibration-free performance, is one of the many reasons departments are switching to Darley pumps.

Why Charlotte Switched

With Boston, Charlotte and many others switching to Darley pumps, the question has been asked, Why?

 Why Demand Darley

Parts Availability


We understand the importance of keeping your pump operational, which is why we ship most Darley parts orders within 24 hours.


Longest Warranty

The longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry with a six year manufacturer's warranty. Includes three years of parts and labor coverage at no charge on our Midship and PTO pumps. We've got your back.


Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal

Our mechanical seal features an extremely hard (72 Rockwell) and heat dissipative silicon carbide stationary face. Resists wear and dry running much better than conventional Ni-resist and tungsten carbide materials. Now standard on all pumps except for double suction LDM and EM. Over 35,000 in service currently with an unparalleled service record.


AutoCool™ & Magnatrans™

Darley pump transmissions are the strongest in the market at 19,230 ft-lb torque rating and use helical cut gears as standard on all transmissions to limit noise and maximize strength. The patented AutoCool™ ensures oil cooling without the possibility of water contamination.


Heater Core

Darley’s exclusive heater core helps cool your apparatus’s engine in the warm summer months and help protect your pump from freezing in the harshest winter climates.


Self-Locking Discharge Valves

Since the 1960’s, Darley has been manufacturing the best discharge ball valve on the market. Designed with a self-locking feature, the valve allows for stable hands free operation. The valve also features a stainless steel ball and a bronze seat. Are you tired of replacing your ball valves year after year? Our ball valve can be rebuilt in minutes resulting cost savings and continued performance. Another added benefit of the Darley ball valve is the adjustable handle, which can be clocked in 45 degree increments to allow for varying applications.


Discharge Check Valve

Darley’s discharge check valve is designed to improve attack time. By isolating the discharge plumbing from the pump cavity, the pump can be primed with open discharge gates. When the pump achieves prime, the discharged water forces the check valve to an opened position. The simplicity of the design allows for easy maintenance and trouble free operation.


Vacuum Cast Impeller

Darley twisted vane impellers are vacuum cast to eliminate porosity, broached to fit a 10-splined shaft rather than a single key and precision balanced for smooth operation and optimal efficiency all resulting in reduced cost of ownership and the most efficient and durable fire pump on the market. 


Low Cost Of Ownership

Blending sophistication and ingenuity, Team Darley continues to develop the best pump efficiencies on the market. Utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we have the ability to bend the realm of possibility. We believe in providing unmatched service, unmatched performance, and unmatched quality while reducing the total cost of ownership to our customers.


Our pump division is registered as an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified facility, accredited by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


Proudly Made In the USA

Darley manufactures quality products right here in the USA. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Wisconsin and Iowa utilize the most advanced CAD software to design everything from simple to our sophisticated products. We employ the latest CNC machinery and technology to produce high quality components for our customers. Darley's machinists and engineers, undergo continual training to maintain our reputation for innovation and excellence.


Family Business

We've been working together as a family business for four generations with one mission in mind; which is to passionately serve the world's first responders by providing high quality, safe, and innovative products with unmatched commitment and service.


Traditions & Innovations Since 1908

Darley began manufacturing pumps in 1932, just as America was coming out of The Great Depression. Company founder Wiliam S. Darley, decided to establish his pump manufacturing plant in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Darley has since expanded operations to Janesville, Iowa.


Darley Family Of Pumps