Everything You need for NFPA 13D Fire Pump Projects


NFPA 13D Pump

Preassemble NFPA 13D Pump System that includes a self-priming, closed couple, end suction pump. Manifold system includes ball valve, check value and pressure storage tank. Complete manifold systems enable easy installation and increase system usability.

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Control Panels

Control Panels greatly increase system reliability and ease of ownership. The Control Panels are designed to keep the pump operating in the time of need and help keep the pump off when the pump is not needed. Panels include a minimum run timer and restart time delay.
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Water Storage Tanks

Polyethylene water storage tanks are designed to store water for fire suppression applications. The tanks are rugged, corrosion-resistant and lightweight with no seams, welds, or joints to leak or rust. Tanks come in three sizes 300, 400, or 500 gallons. The 300 and 500-gallon tank cylinder tanks. The 400 gallons tank will fit through a standard door passing.


Skid Mount

Every pump must be installed on something such as a metal base. The Skid Mount makes any of your installations that much simpler. Both the StarterPaq Pump and Panel can be easily mounted to the compact Skid Mount. You simply connect the water source, sprinkler line, and the electrical connection.

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Customer Install Examples

Everything you need on your own terms to get projects done.