Navigating New Skies Together


Navigating New Skies Together


Darley’s premier public safety drone implementation partner.


Founded in 2014, Skyfire has become the nation’s top public safety drone consulting company offering comprehensive drone program development.

Skyfire offers FAA compliance consulting, drone as a first responder (DFR) setup and support, BVLOS, TBVLOS, traditional COA processing, and an abundance of POST certified training customized to support your first responder efforts. Their team is America’s leading source for guiding public safety drone integration across federal, state and local levels.



Drone as First Responder

DFR programs are a revolutionary means by which the deployment of drones enhances response to emergency situations and adds an element of safety for public safety agencies and the community. DFR programs aim to decrease response times, provide situational awareness and increase efficiency. Their team is the only one to have assisted the very first DFR programs in the United States.

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Regulatory Guidance

Skyfire's team goes beyond to survey your local airspace and advises on how to best ensure you’re operating within the FAA’s regulations and provides Certificate of Authorization processing with fast turnaround times. Skyfire takes pride in its ongoing relationships with departments, advanced and ongoing training, unbounded advice and on-call support 24/7/365.

Easy to Use Tools

Skyfire offers mission ready tools to those within public safety and are well-equipped to teach drone pilots of all experience levels.

Offerings include Part 107 test prep, basic training, advanced training, thermography, search and rescue/surveillance, accident scene construction, and customizations as needed.



Drone Programs Made Easy

Skyfire has helped hundreds of public safety departments across the United States launch successful drone programs. Their experts fully understand how the implementation of a quality drone program can enhance  emergency response efforts and help keep you and your team safe. By working closely together through a collaborative process, Skyfire prepares your program development manual with policies and procedures specific to your department.

Program Development Manuals

Skyfire’s comprehensive program manuals include operating documents, federal authorization, reporting requirements, currency guidelines and general operating practices and procedures for your department’s program. Their customized manuals outline all aspects of your UAS program to ensure pilots are well informed prior to taking flight. By working in tandem with your program coordinator, they can ensure all practices and procedures fit seamlessly within your operation.